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Oh my, writing takes so much time, doesn't it.

Optimising a system will always necessitate de-optimising one or more of its sub-systems. Optimising a sub-system will result in de-optimising the system as a whole.

When people can't do anything, they get angry. When people get angry, they get totalitarian.

Timeshift and variable playback speed, but for zoom meetings.

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good programming is the practice of communicating ideas clearly in a context where precision is enforced

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Started on Luke Cage. I'm committed now.

The computer is a bicycle for the mind. If you haven't figured out where you're headed, it will likely take you much further away from the place that you actually need to be.

Oh no I've run out of Jessica Jones episodes.

What a delight to have nice friends over for a meal!

Playing go is really not that relaxing. Especially when you're tired and losing to your 6yo.

back to back meetings all afternoon. all good ones though. see you on the other side!

Pace of feedback or measurement should match the frequency of the habit or desired behaviour.

One of the most motivating feelings for the human brain is a feeling of progress.

Behaviours that are immediately rewarded get repeated. Behaviours that are immediately punished get avoided.

Focus more on your identity more than the outcome. Who is the type of person who is able to achieve this, then establish on habits that make you become that person.

Habits need to be established before they can be improved or optimised.

Okay so I buy a game, and then I have to spend all this time playing it to find out what happens?

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