Moving from Digital Ocean to Hetzner

I spent the afternoon migrating a bunch of personal services from a Digital Ocean Droplet to a Hetzner Cloud Server. The difference is pretty significant.

Digital Ocean DropletHetzner Cloud Server
Memory2 GB2 GB
Storage (SSD)50 GB40 GB
Traffic (per month)2 TB20 TB
LocationSingaporeUS West
Price (per month)12 USD4.54 USD (4.24 EUR)

For just ~37% of the cost of a Droplet, I get double the vCPUs and 10 times the traffic allowance.

There’s a little less storage out of the box, but an extra 10GB will cost 0.5 USD/mo. Also, there’s the difference of being located in US West instead of Singapore which increases the latency when SSH’ing from Australia, but this is largely factored away with most of the traffic being served through Cloudflare.

More importantly, by retiring the old Droplet, I’ve been able to continue running my personal services on one CPX11 instance, spin up an additional CPX11 solely for my Mastodon instance and still have some change to spare.