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Helped resolve a PostgreSQL query timeout issue (added a composite index). Now back to untangling GraphQL schemas and types. I'm having a blast!

Observing with great intrigue how information ebbs and flows through the organisational sprawl. Can someone say ?

Hilbert’s Infinity Hotel. David Deutsch explains it much better in chapter 8 of The Beginning of Infinity, but the Wikipedia article is okay too

Watched White House correspondents' dinner roastings over the weekend. One of them made a really good point - media outlets are selling more papers, subscriptions and page views because of the president.

I’m in my blogging-about-blogging phase except it’s tooting-about-tooting. You have been warned. Instead of trying to suppress it I’m going to see what happens should I let it run its course. Please bear with me.

It's bed time but I'm trying to figure out why I can't see posts from people that I've started following. It's very quiet here at the moment.

Isaac Su

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