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I'm tooting highlights from "Capitalism Without Capital" by Jonathan Haskel using the hashtag

"You never address somebody by the job they do. That’s not polite. Okay? You understand? Love you, buddy."

I'm tooting highlights from "Promise Me, Dad" by Joe Biden using the hashtag

"Capitalism Without Capital" by Jonathan Haskel

We hope this book makes the case that those strategies that go with the grain of the long-run rise of intangible investment, such as those we set out here, are more likely to secure prosperity than those that go against it.

Firms using intangibles become more authoritarian; those generating intangibles will need more leadership.

As economies become increasingly intangible-intensive, esteem inequality rises as psychological traits like openness to experience become more important.

Shopping around for self-hosted analytics. One uses MySQL, the other uses SQLite. I'm picking SQLite hands down. 😎

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"Have you seen the news? We are in the worst timeline!"
"No, we are not. We are in one of the better ones."
"How can you say that?"
"Because we will bring the world back from the brink."
"How? How can you still have hope?"
"Otherwise this would be the worst timeline."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Good night wild open internet. See you tomorrow!

Wow I can do proper markdown ‘backtick’ code and [real hyper](links) on my blog. I’ve really missed that after tweeting/tooting for so long.

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the real beauty of having a docs/ folder in your code repo is it helps the team keep all our lies in one place.

On considering what should be taught in schools: we should be somewhat skeptical about our ability to predict what skills the economy of the future needs and our ability to teach them.

More worrying is the use of innovation as an excuse when the value-for-money procurement fails ("we lost money, but we tried something new!").

The kinds of personnel wo are goo at getting value for money will often be different from those who are good at fostering wild breakthroughs.

Using procurement to encourage innovation involves a risk of failure.

When US military funded the development of the semiconductor industry in the '50s, they didn't just fund R&D. By acting as a lead customer, they effectively funded America's businesses to invest in intangibles needed to produce and sell chips.

On spillover effects from intangible investments in university research: the conditions in the local area had to be conducive to absorbing the research.

On the difficulty that businesses face in making intangible investments: This leaves government as an investor of last resort.

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