E beat me at 13x13 with 5 handicap again last night. One out of two games. I won fair and square in the second game tho. I think we'll settle on 5 handicap for a while.

bromite.org is my new favourite browser on Android. Let's see how it fares.

First ride 🚴 of the decade. Feels good to be back on the saddle.

E beat me at 13x13 with 5 handicap last night. One out of two games.

Despite knowing that the loss was against a 6 stone handicap (which is significant), and realising that E is getting better (proud dad), losing still feels like losing all the same.

E beat me at 13x13 with 6 handicap twice tonight. Time to reduce to 5 handicap.

The first step is for directors not to feel guilty if they are found reading a daily newspaper or professional journal at their desk. They need to stop behaving as if the only real work is in taking action.

(on board members coming from managerial and professional backgrounds) Their thinking processes have evolved over time away from scanning for the hard facts (what can be measured) towards intuiting from the soft facts (what can be sensed for instant benefit).

OH last week "Okay if you're happy with that, I will send it to your phone". The physical is still the most intuitive. Contrast with "I'll email it to you".

They prefer to use the comfort of past experience and find sustained thinking about the future threatening.

E beat me at 13x13 with 6 handicap twice last night. I made some obvious mistakes.

A key law of ecology is Ross Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety – for any system to survive it needs sufficient difference within it to cope with environmental change.

It is very human to seek out the roots of a work group’s culture and to gain one’s daily recognition from it.

My secret word-to-sneak-into-a-sentence for the day is "smattering".

Let's see how much I can get through before the weekend. Sprint to the finish-line!

iPhone SE on its last legs. Can't find a decent small phone that even _pretends_ to honour my privacy.

Any opinions on the Pixel 3 or 3a?

E beat me at 13x13 with 7 handicap twice tonight. He's getting good. Reducing to 6 handicap next.

E beat me at 13x13 with 8 handicap, then beat me again at 13x13 with 7 handicap.

I may have made a decaf coffee that approaches the strength of a normal coffee this morning. Woops.

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