Coffee No. 2! Storing up my regrets for later tonight 🤪

Is "huge milestone" redundant?

Is there such a thing as a "small milestone"?

Is there such a thing as a small mile vs a big mile?

A mile is a mile, right?

Looking through old photos thinking "Gawd I'm glad I've moved on from all of that".

So much for forgoing my afternoon coffee - I'm feeling just as amped up by this chai tea.

RT [email protected] Configuration of a generic system is the equivalent to programming, but with far more horrible tools.

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I hope I don't have to explain the level of irony it is to abbreviate accessibility as a11y

Seemed like the opportune time to learn about preferential voting and the political direction that each state typically leans. Thank you Wikipedia!

Stayed up way too late playing Borderlands. Yes, the decade-old one on my Xbox 360.

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An article on an emergent labor action among Lyft/Uber drivers:

After 3 years of pay cuts, these drivers say now they have to fight back, by turning off their apps at certain times, drivers are able to artificially manipulate the Uber and Lyft apps into higher fares.

“All the airplanes we know when they land. So five minutes before, we turn all our apps off all of us at the same time. All of us we turn our apps off. They surge, $10, $12, sometimes $19. Then we turn our app on. Everyone will get the surge,” one driver says.

Let's try a variation on this:

Any sufficiently confusing set of roles, policies and permission matrices is indistinguishable from "security".


If we make our roles, policies and permission matrices confusing enough, an attacker wouldn't be able to figure out how to get access to things.

I have two questions about coffee this morning:

Given each serving has identical amount of caffeine (and other related stimulants):

1. Is a black coffee more stimulating than one with milk? (i.e. does milk make coffee less stimulating)

2. Is a cold coffee more stimulating than a hot one? (i.e. does temperature change the effect of caffeine)

I'm looking for ways to discover more people to follow in the fediverse based on what people are tooting. Is there anything out there? Could I build something that aggregates toots from a bunch of mastodon instances?

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Helpful phrases to learn:

"I don't know the answer to that. Let's find out."

"Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks!"

"I was wrong."

"I've thought about what you said and I've changed my mind as a result."

Not only are these phrases useful, they also make you a better person!

Totally nerding out on properties of materials this morning:

Elasticity is the property of a material to stretch under a load and then recover.

Toughness is how much energy a material can absorb without fracturing.

Strength is how much load a material can resist.

Ductility is how much it can deform without breaking.

Yesterday someone opened my eyes to the distinction between articulate and clever. Neither guarantees presence of the other.

Serendipitously dropped my midday coffee, bringing my total daily coffee intake to a sum total of one in the morning. Sleeping better. Will keep (not) doing.

It isn't merely biscuit with a glass of milk, but the exquisite taste of milk mingling with biscuit crumbs from the previous bite, and the pleasurable mouthfeel of biscuit after a fresh gulp of milk.

Life may be captured in discreet snapshots but is lived in the transitions between them.

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Of course you should hire a squirrel for a software engineering position. They're experts in tree-traversal and caching, and they're very well acquainted with kernels.

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