Leaning to play go. This game is giving my brain a serious workout.

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"... the lesson here is that you might write code to find something out and the answer might be very unsatisfying."

Understanding the agency role is central to recognising people as responsible persons: we act or refuse to act, and can choose to act one way rather than another.

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This article on parsing incoming strings into structured data is interesting in its own right. lexi-lambda.github.io/blog/201

Even though the article is written with #haskell examples, also makes me *really* want to play around with the #nom parser-combinator library in #rust (github.com/Geal/nom) which seems like it would make this sort of thing really easy/clear

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SICP is nice, but doesn't fully capture the true spirit of Scheme:

1. Start a cool project.
2. Write code that should work. Enjoy logical, functional, dynamic code.
3. Libraries you need are nonexistent or so slow you have to write your own. Smash your head into the keyboard.
4. Repeat 2-3 until you lose sight of 1.
5. Switch to a new Scheme implementation. "Surely this one will be better!" Goto 1.

The challenge of development includes both the elimination of persistent, Endemic deprivation and the prevention of sudden, severe destitution.

Absent of a democratic system, the unchallenged power of governance was easily translated into an unquestioned acceptance of nonaccountability and nontransparency.

A free press and the practice of democracy contribute greatly to bringing out information that can have an enormous impact of policies for famine prevention. (This likely generally applies to anything that is enhanced by having more and better information)

Democracy spreads the penalty of famines to the ruling groups and the political leaders as well, giving them the political incentive to try to prevent any threatening famine.

The approach of relief through employment allows potential victims to be treated as active agents rather than passive recipients.

Recreating lost incomes of the potential victims gives them the ability to compete for food in the market, making the available supply more equally shared.

Economic expansion typically reduces the need for entitlement protection, and also enhances the resources for providing that protection.

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I work with a woman who said recently "I am not a data scientist, I am a statistician. I don't know what data scientist means and neither does anyone else."

It is important to appreciate the sense of dissociation and superiority that characterised the British attitude towards the Irish. The conviction of cultural superiority merges well with the asymmetry of political power.

The policy issues to be examined concerned acts of omission as well as of commission.

This variety of causal antecedents has to be kept in view. Famines reflect a shared predicament, but not necessarily a shared causation.

The political incentives provided by democratic governance acquire great practical value in times of hardship and challenge.

In a democracy, people tend to get what they demand, and more crucially, do not typically get what they do not demand.

A basic feature of freedoms in general —much depends on how freedoms are actually exercise.

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