Beware the seduction of pessimism - it often just sounds smarter and more plausible than optimism.

"All input is error" - Elon Musk on how the car should anticipate everything the driver intends to do at the launch of Model S Plaid.

Nice thing about having a team that is working remote is that everyone's already set up for online gaming!

Gonna play some SC2 now because, I've spent the whole day making decisions and I can't wait to make some more under intense time and competitive pressure.

Someone needs to come up with the "Influencer" Design Pattern. But what would it do?

Yup, commuting is an effort. Also, being around many humans.

Commuting into work today made me realise how time-, effort- and energy- intensive an activity it is, and that this was/continues to be a norm.

Great British Bake Off is so good for British accent immersion.

potus' equivalent would simply be "p" but that's no fun either.

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Unfollowed a bunch of people whose posts don't spark joy for me. Bigger puzzle is how to find people that do.

DB Browser for SQLite is really nice for running adhoc queries over imported CSVs

Here's the key but subtle difference between touchscreen and using a mouse/trackpad: with touch, you can't know precisely where you're going to "click/tap" before you do.

It's probably sacrilegious to say this, but I miss having a bot suggesting people I could follow, or telling me what's trending. All part of the federated/decentralised deal I suppose.

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Sure takes a fair bit of effort to find good/interesting feeds to follow around here.

Haven't been around these parts in a while. Happy New Year. I think I'll give masto another shot.

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