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I'm tooting highlights from "The Strange Order of Things" by Antonio Damasio using

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Got burnt by Ruby duck-typing today. Colleagues are convinced that it’s a problem with the library or the linter. I blame the language. This deserves a blog post that I should commit to writing, maybe.

Here lies the great evolutionary novelty of human cultures, the possibility of denying our genetic inheritance an absolute control over our fate, at least temporarily.

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Mr. Robot episodes of the 4th season appear to be named after the HTTP 4xx status codes 😂

4x01 Unauthorized
4x02 Payment Required
4x03 Forbidden
4x04 Not Found
4x05 Method Not Allowed
4x06 Not Acceptable
4x07 Proxy Authentication
4x08 Request Timeout
4x09 Conflict
4x10 Gone

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Bouncing between Mail, Slack and Jira, in a good way. Let's just say it's an acquired taste. Day in the life of me, today edition.

Major rework of the rear wheel after loose chain dropped and mangled a bunch of spokes. Nice to be able to work with my hands and ride my handiwork to work tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

As a result, they've gone from top of my most-despised biscuits list list to my will-buy-again list.

Only took me about oh, a half-dozen jaw breaking attempts to work out the best way to enjoy Stroopwafels is by warming it up in a sandwich press. 💥 winning.

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Sometimes in programming we expect one result but get another.

We call this boolshit.

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The 4 stages of tool mastery:

- Pain: everything is incomprehensible, obtuse, even downright hostile. Nothing is intuitive or easy. Frustration is high.

However, lessons learned are very valuable: patience, humility and double-checking everything will serve you well in the future.

- Toil and Burden: you feel blocked at every turn. Even the simplest tasks seem to take hours. You tear your hair out.

However, there are also flashes of light, "aha!" moments. Value these and press on.


The polarised lens upgrade on my shades were the best ever! Why did I not do this sooner 🤷‍♂️

It is the feeling part of us humans that generates our vulnerabilities, that is essential for us to experience personal suffering and joy and empathize with the suffering and joy of others.

The scope of human suffering and joys is uniquely human, thanks to the resonance of feelings in memories of the past and in the memories they have constructed of the anticipated future.

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