Remembering PalmJournal

Back in my high school years, I used to tap out my entries on a Palm IIIx in an app called PalmJournal.

Thinking back, here were the things that made it the ideal journaling platform.

  1. Its form-factor. The small screen and “small device” experience was ideal for a rather private activity.
  2. It only did one thing. The interface was sparse and utilitarian. There were no pop-up notifications, medals to earn, no internet connectivity or even color. It simply left me alone to process my thoughts.
  3. It was tangible. The fact that PalmJournal lived on my Palm IIIx meant that it had a certain material tangibility about it – i.e. I could lock the device in a drawer, and I’d know that it is safe. No messing around with passwords, encryption, to-the-cloud-crap.

Amidst the deluge of supersmart devices currently flooding the market, there is definitely still room for single-purpose devices that are far better suited to specific activities than multi-purpose devices could ever be.

Long live PalmJournal.