Myki and tacking on pronouns

Talk about poor brand message. Off the cuff, here are just two of the many ways this could go wrong.

Myki – It’s your key
If you didn’t quite get what my means, we’re referring to you,  get it?

Myki – It’s your key
I know I said it’s Myki, but it actually really is yours.

On the topic of tacking pronouns to the front of your core brand, doing so makes it very awkward for someone to refer to it in a sentence. One would invariably have to either squelch the pronoun (and diluting your precious brand) or risk sounding like he or she has bad english.

Consider the following:

“My Myki is usually in my wallet , but I can’t seem to find it today. Can I borrow your Myki for the time being?”

“Have you been to the thefreshgrocer in Bendigo? They have very friendly staff”

“Can you believe it? He left such a lame comment on my thefacebook wall” (which, thankfully, isn’t the case)

Here’s not to say that it should never be done. In fact products like newspapers do it very well by way of frequent exposure and being an everyday product. Still their escape isn’t completely unscathed.

“Did you get your tickets to the The Age journalism conference?”

So rule of thumb – consider all the varied and wondrous ways you’d like people to talk about your brand – and try not to make it too awkward to do so. Or, as Mr. Timberlake’s character would say “It’s not cool”.