A simple expense tracking app

Two friends, on two separate occasions, expressed the need for a simple mobile app to keep track of daily expenses. Apparently there are lots of apps out there that try to do it, but try to do too much and end up overcomplicating the simple task of recording where and what one has spent one’s money on.

It sounded like a nice little project that I could use to sink my teeth into mobile development, and maybe even bust a few moves with my design-fu that has laid dormant since I took up my current full-time role as a developer.

So, since the recent weekend, I’ve been working on little app to do just that – keeping track of daily expenses, and telling you where all your money went. Hopefully, it’s reason enough for why I haven’t been blogging as profusely as before – I’ve been coding on the train!

I’m still keen to continue posting here, hopefully there will be progress updates on the app.

But maybe you’d like to help me out by answering some simple questions using the comments box below.

  1. How do you keep track of your daily expenses?
  2. Would you use a mobile app to do it? Why or why not?
  3. Do you use any form of categorization?
  4. If your wallet kept track of all your expenses, what questions would you ask it?
  5. Any other ideas?

Wish me luck!