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“How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life” by Russ Roberts

"Winners Take All" by Anand Giridharadas

"The Influential Mind" by Tail Sharot (20 Feb 2019)

Tonight I learned about SCUMM - the scripting language and runtime that brought to life all my favourite childhood "adventure games" such as Indiana Jones, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, etc.

Escher x nendo at the NGV this morning was inspiring. Dinner at Mascalzone in Williamstown was infuriating.

This is nice, watching how a piece of writing comes together. Getting an intuition for the journey could look like.

In my calendar, spending time allocating time.

"It's scary the way a deep ocean is" - me qualifying what what I meant when I said Scala is scary.

Had a really good session with my team today - debriefing from Camp last week and working the transition into a new “usual”.

Broke another spoke on my fixie this evening. The rear wheel must’ve not been laced correctly.

Today I start eating less again. Weight has gotten out of hand.

I feel like such a different person after getting enough .

“What makes it not okay to not nap on a school night?”

I was promised a thunderstorm today. Where is it?

Much needed yesterday evening in between babysitting a big deploy.

"Primed to Perform" by Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor

Having a lovely day with the family :)

Fixed! Thankfully macOS makes it super easy to swap out the icon.

So. Much. Better.

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