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Clear quiet skies tonight. Moon came out to put on a brief show.

"The Beginning of Infinity" by David Deutsch

Some of the cool people I get to work with. I am easily the least cool of them all, by a very long shot.

Most importantly, I will relish my sleep tonight.

As asserted, I got through the day without caffeine, and I'm fine, and I had a good day.

Having a "I need a caffeine boost" day, but I'm not going to have one, because I don't actually /need/ one. Wish me strength and luck!

"It might be well for all of us to remember that, while differing widely in the various little bits we know, in our infinite ignorance we are all equal."

How spicy tom yum noodle soup led to a sweet hot beverage pair with a cookie with icing.

My weather + hydration reminder Signal bot is exhibiting traces of sentience today.

42ºC today. The answer to everything will allegedly be revealed today. Stay cool, safe and hydrated everybody. See you on the other side!

"All ideas have some inexplicit component, since even our knowledge of the meanings of words is held largely inexplicitly in our minds. Physical skills, such as the ability to ride a bicycle, have an especially high inexplicit content, as do philosophical concepts such as freedom and knowledge."

"A culture is a set of ideas that cause their holders to behave alike in some ways."

I suppose I've had a relatively drama-free holiday season with the extended family around.

It's not that life has suddenly dealt a favourable hand or that a deity has granted a wish - no. It was each person making a conscious effort to elevate another's welfare above their own in whatever way they could or knew how to. Thank you family for seeing off 2018 and welcoming 2019 together with me ❤️.

Today has been an example of how a shitty start could set the day up to only get better from then on.

"At the heart of decision-making is the creation of new options and the abandonment or modification of existing ones."

Trying to figure out what exactly it is about penning on my surface go at my desk that causes my upper back to tense up. It's a similar posture to writing on a piece of paper, but apparently there's a difference.

If people have ideas, please share.

I feel a little guilty mixing "chilled" and "hot" to get slightly warm water.

Did my tonight. Life feels a lot better.

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Isaac Su

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