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Just discovered NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert ♥️

Good morning, world! I hope things will be better for you today than they were yesterday.

Just back from my morning walk to the shops. The card machines are now wrapped in cling film.

Played super carefully tonight and managed to survive E at 19x19 with 5 handicap.

With extended wfh and school out, the weekdays and weekends have started to blur into one another. I guess this is the new normal 😕.

E has consistently beaten me at 19x19 with 5 handicap 3 days in a row, and 13x13 with 3 handicap. I still survived him at 13x13 with 2 handicap.

Da-rt: like the thing you shoot at bad guys and they fall asleep.

I guess this whole time we've been playing musical chairs and it's taken the music stopping for us to realise how few chairs there really are.

Good time to (re)pick up a new musical instrument. Let's see how this goes 🎻

Rediscovering the excellent ergonomics of the newsprint at the breakfast table. Dinky glass screens got nothing on these OG newsfeeds.

it's kind of a shame that OneNote hasn't really stuck as open-ended, free-form a thinking tool for me. Can't put a finger to why, but there's something about it that's a little too heavy weight and a little rigid, and maybe working at a computer is just too distracting.

Pen and paper still wins for now.

Boring engineering is best engineering!

gosh how hard is it to think while sitting in front of two screens. Need to sit quietly with pen and paper for a bit.

Oh my, writing takes so much time, doesn't it.

Optimising a system will always necessitate de-optimising one or more of its sub-systems. Optimising a sub-system will result in de-optimising the system as a whole.

When people can't do anything, they get angry. When people get angry, they get totalitarian.

Timeshift and variable playback speed, but for zoom meetings.

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Isaac Su

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