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alt: how easy is it _not_ being the most senior person on an interview panel (what I had in the morning)!

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Nerves from being most senior person on an interview panel.

You wouldn't have to spend words saying it's easy if it really were so.

With the type of work that I've been busy with, and the books that I'm reading, I wonder if I might've enjoyed a career in law.
:troll-face: Nawww.. I would be the worst law student ever in the history of law students.

Whenever I think/say “network effect”, my brain automatically switches to a British accent in the key of Benedict Evans 😂

The emergence of natural languages is a prime example of consensus at scale. It’s also a great example of network effect, where a greater number of users increases the value to each.

This leads me to wonder what the relationship between consensus and network effect is.

Today would have been a nice day to ride 🚴‍♂️ in to work, aye?

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"Martha! The new /etc/hosts just arrived and there's a brand-new knitting site! Come see!"

omg thinking and writing takes so much time!

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My proudest contribution to work today is nudging our comms such that we’re describing one concept using one word rather than three different words.

The lingering smoke, in spite of the rain, is concerning.

An opinion is a person’s approximation of reality at a given point in time.

E beat me at 13x13 with 6 handicap. I wasn't paying attention. Redeemed myself in a follow-up game for a draw.

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Climate, negative 

I believe climate change is real, and I believe it is caused by humans burning fossil fuels. But I have so, so little faith in our attempts and ability to prevent it.

According to some random source on the Interwebs, 87% of human CO2 emissions come from burning fossil fuels; coal, oil, gas. So for the sake of argument, we can just ignore the other emissions, they are a distraction.

Reducing emissions is "easy:" Just incrementally reduce fossil fuel production, watch prices go up, renewables rise to the occasion and economies adapt. The problem is, the producers of fossil fuels have very few incentive to do this, and enourmous incentives not to. Needless to say, this is NOT happening.

Browsing around on it seems production of all categories of fossil fuels is either steady or increasing. Yes, even coal.

Since we only have one planet, while production doesn't decline, reductions in consumption in individual countries do not matter, at all. The market quite efficiently moves the burning to a new location, the climate stays fucked.

Re-jiggering our economies to rely less on fossil fuels boils down to searching for ways to preserve our standards of living, in a post fossil-fuel world. Which is great, we should totally do that.

But so much more is needed to fix the problem. And that "more" is implicitly violent. Saudi ain't gonna stop selling oil just because we ask them nicely.

I feel like nobody is talking about this and it bothers me. Am I missing something obvious, or does everyone just have their head in the sand?

Ah rain! This has got to be the most delight I’ve felt about wet-cold-miserable in a while. Hope it persists.

Life is like a never-ending game of where, every once in a while, the entire state of play is translated by a random vector and any stones that fall outside of the board are removed.

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