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The real issues that have to be addressed lie elsewhere, and they involve taking note of extensive interconnections between political freedoms and the understanding and fulfilment of economic needs.

The highly labour-intensive nature of healthcare and basic education—and human development in general—makes them comparatively cheap in early stages of economic development, when labour costs are low.

Human development is first and foremost an ally of the poor, rather than of the rich and the affluent.

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#2221 "Emulation" 

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Any sufficiently advanced technology will be reimplemented. Poorly. Forever.

Broader approaches are often harder to “sell” than narrowly focused reforms that try to achieve “one thing at a time”

Today was the right day to not ride 🚴‍♂️

If I ever were to compile a list of top foods optimised for developing dental cavities, Snickers would be way up there for sure.

The confounding of welfare comparison with real-income comparison exacts a heavy price.

They can get some indirect weight only if—and only to the extent that—they enlarge real incomes and commodity holdings.

All variables other than commodity holdings (important matters such as mortality, morbidity, education, liberties and recognized rights) get—implicitly—a zero direct weight in evaluations based exclusively on the real-income approach.

The fact that market-price-based evaluation of utility from commodity bundles gives the misleading impression that an already available “operational metric” has been preselected for evaluative use is a limitation rather than an asset.

Real incomes can be rather poor indicators of important components of well-being and quality of life that people have reason to value.

The distinction between making a judgement by way of reflection vs interpersonal agreement (or consensus).

Relevant to my week that has just passed: It is therefore better to avoid race conditions by careful software design rather than attempting to fix them afterwards.

Even when each person’s preference is taken to be the ultimate arbiter of the well-being for that person, even when everything other than well-being (such as freedom) is ignored, and even when everyone has the same demand function or preference map, the comparison of market valuations of commodity bundles tells us little about interpersonal comparisons.

“Every mind is inscrutable to every other mind and no common denominator of feelings is possible.”

I'm tooting highlights from "Development as Freedom" by Amartya Sen using

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"A critical analysis of scroll bars throughout history" by Grayson Blackmon

This is fun geek nostalgia.

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