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Silly, but I’m still desperately looking for ways to incorporate into my personal stack. Chat and the generous file storage are the obvious ones.

My reading has been paused because I've started riding again, which means diminished commute reading time. Trading off mental exercise for physical exercise. It's probably worth it.

I'm probably 4 years late to the party, but this is such an inspiring idea - making a `/now` page. Will work on mine and share soon.

Ah the luxury of making poor life choices.

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#2206 "Mavis Beacon" 

Thread on making a smartphone safer to use by @[email protected] This has elevated my interest in Graphene OS.

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This story is nuts. Chef signed a $95k contract with ICE, did some shady shit to cover it up and when that didn’t work, published a blog post claiming they did nothing wrong

Pretty happy that it’s friday. Big week.

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The ritual began with paint.

Smeared across the eyes, across the lips, exaggerating the features, exaggerating the magic.

Then a nose to draw the eye: look here. Look at me. A mind-snare, but with a gentle purpose.

The rest varied: there might be hair, feather-fine and rainbow-hued. There might be shoes like flippers for land, to give the agility to fall *just* so.

But always, the paint and the nose.

Look at me.

It was a spell to fill a heart with laughter.

#microfiction #TootFic

Oh oh I know, I know! We break them up into microservices! :troll-dance:

Reviewed some Kotlin code today. It was a somewhat tricky algorithm but I was able to follow along. I don’t even know the language that well but I LOVE IT. How does any large-scale codebase ever work without static types!? (Dirty-looks at ruby)

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#2203 "Prescience" 

Subjectivity is a process that relies on two critical ingredients: the building of a perspective for the images in mind and the accompaniment of the images by feelings.

If we are to understand how consciousness is made, we must understand the making of subjectivity.

Went for a run. Run was good. Body ❤️ run. Run reduces creakiness.

This weekend, so far, brought to you by $1 Domino, Mario Kart time trials and, Towerfall!

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Heroes are single points of failure. Don't create them, and if you do find ways to route around them.

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