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Turns out I broke plex because I was dropping packets from `lo` in the iptables filter. This concept still escapes me - where do `lo` packets come from, and where are they going?

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I just stumbled across and immediately started to silently scream "nooooooooooo!"

For all the power that unix commands give you, it's very difficult to interactively discover functionality, or know if you've achieved the thing that you were hoping to achieve. That's where visual interfaces are super helpful.

Weekend is for fiddling with openvpn, route and iptables to try to setup a vpn gateway for myself. Winning so far.

Today might be the day to finally learn to postgres via the cli.

I just saw Deadpool. It's pretty... uh.. rich.

The extra knobs in more complicated systems support more granularity, but potentially simply create the impression of rigor while remaining equally challenging to implement in a consistent, fair way.

Crisp boundaries are important as they provide those on a career ladder a useful mental model of where they are in their journey, who their peers are, and whom they should view as role models.

If you want to shape your company’s culture, inclusion, or performance, this is your most valuable entry point.

The most sacred responsibilities of management are selecting your company’s role model, identifying who to promote, and deciding who needs to leave.

On cold-sourcing: "customization matters less than I assumed, because people mostly choose to respond based on their circumstances, not on the quality of your note."

Such a coincidence that both books I'm reading at the moment and invoke the concept of "stock and flow", albeit in slightly different domains.

On the significant difficulties around the valuation of domestic time:

When a man marries his cook, GDP falls.

While government spending on education is counted as GDP, the "human capital" created by households in all the time they spend in education is not.

Capital gains do not arise from productive activity and so are not production, and therefore not counted as part of GDP

On the cost-based method of measuring the value of an investment:

Some very successful projects yield returns that are massively out of proportion to the cost of creating them, but in practice firms and economies do many, many projects - some succeeding spectacularly and some failing miserably.

At the level of a large economy, the successes and failures balance out such that the value of investment approximates the value of spending.

The “work harder” mantra only breeds hero programmers whose heroic ways make it difficult for nonheroes to contribute meaningfully.

Maintaining a market position is fundamentally distinct from creating new markets.

The balancing of positive and negative freedoms is a fundamental task of managers and management

In this light, freedom is neither inherently good nor inherently just. Each positive freedom we enforce strips away a negative freedom, and each negative freedom we guarantee eliminates a positive freedom. This is the Paradox of Positive Liberty

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