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I was promised a thunderstorm today. Where is it?

Much needed yesterday evening in between babysitting a big deploy.

"Primed to Perform" by Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor

Having a lovely day with the family :)

Fixed! Thankfully macOS makes it super easy to swap out the icon.

So. Much. Better.

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I'm jittery/jumpy from the iced-coffee I had this morning. Retrospectively, it's not looking like the best decision. Need to remember this for future decisions to ingest caffeine.

AlphaStar blew my mind and occupied most of my weekend.

As casual SC2 player, it blows my mind to think that no human being directly taught AS to play SC2, but instead gave it the ability to learn from thousands of replays, causing it to somehow give the appearance of intent and decision-making from mimicking and refining behaviours that it "observed".

Taking advantage of good health, reasonable energy levels, public holiday and decent ☀️ to sun/air all the things. Get that crisp sunny scent going.

Aside: I can't seem to figure out how to screenshot the MacOS Application Switcher - hence the ghetto phone camera screenshot.

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Irritating: The icons for my password manager and my git GUI are so similar that I keep ⌘-tabbing to the wrong one.

One of them is going to have to go.

Performance-based rewards tend to cancel out the natural sense of play - a strong motive that drives performance.

I always say "be thoughtful about method access control on your objects (e.g. private/protected/public)".

Unfortunately in Ruby you can still invoke a private method using obj.send(:method_name).

My refactor today broke code that was doing just that. :sad_panda:

Private methods are private for a reason, people.

In other news, I've tried briefly to use Evernote on Surface Go. It's still primarily a desktop app. UX is not great in tablet/ink mode, which I was hoping for. Oh well.

Day two is day worst for leg soreness after a run. Today is day two, so today is day worst for leg soreness. Looking forward to the showers later today though. Ask me again when it's actually pouring though.

me: "We didn't have tablets when Dada was growing up. They weren't invented yet."

e: "So you were too early for the tablets to be there. So you had to wait longer?"

me: "Yup."

Clear quiet skies tonight. Moon came out to put on a brief show.

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