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When gargron said he didn't have analytics on his blog, multiple people said 'grep access_log' & I think that says something good about the technical community here on mastodon: we're not afraid to do things the easy way. A lot of devs feel like if one part of a project uses web tech the whole thing should, even when it makes the project borderline unmanagable, & this is how we get 3rd party trackers & giant CMSes.

11:42pm has got to be close enough. HAPPY NEW YEAR you all. May 2019 be great for you!

On the last day of 2018, I figured out how to:

- Run multiple apps as different users with `adduser --disabled-login $USER`.
- Get them to start on boot with a systemd `.service` file.
- Reverse proxy everything behind nginx and proper `sites-enabled` files.

(all inspired by the excellent mastodon installation guide)

Not a bad way to wrap up the year with mastodon, gollum and bludit sharing a single DO instance!

"If Trump tries to build a wall on our land, we’ll be a big pain in the ass." 😂


(bonus: see map)

While Chinese dominates as the most natively spoken macrolanguage at ~1.2bn, English is still some ways ahead in native + learning at ~1.8bn.

Curiously, there are more people learning English than there are native Chinese speakers (~1.5bn vs ~1.2bn).

World's most natively spoken languages.

Also of note: English has the greatest number of learners: 1.5bn, followed by a very distant French at 82mn.

Search "ruby types", received categories of gemstones. 🤦‍♂️

That's what you get for thinking wishfully.

I'm really perplexed by the Ruby tradition of plastering implicit state all over the place. Sure there is an element of convenience and terseness to it, but also very arbitrary and difficult to follow.

To be clear, perplexion is not a feeling that I particularly enjoy.

"Error is the normal state of our knowledge, and is no disgrace."

I got around to doing my yoga today and I feel so much better. Need to do this more regularly.

Relational scope of the outing just serendipitously increased by +1. Lunch booking grows to double-digit pax.

Shopping-centering with the clan is quite a different experience. Dramatic shift in economies of scale.

My favourite:

AgriProtein is a British company that operates two fly farms in South Africa. Each farm contains 8.4 billion flies, which consume 276 tonnes of food waste and lay 340 million eggs each day. Those eggs (maggots) are dehydrated, flattened and used as animal feed.

I do admire how the little one wakes up every morning with such a will and a drive to live - to explore every possibility in life afforded to him. I could use a bit of that.

Current status: I'm awake because I'm done sleeping, I guess I'll find something interesting to occupy my time with 😂

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Slightly distressed by how the habits that are best for you are the hardest to keep up. Two in particular for me - staying away from caffeine and doing my stretches.

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