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Working through the quiet December period - Win: parking situation at the train station. Fail: lunching situation in the CBD.

Whaddya know, the Surface Go has a micro SD card reader. How nifty.

I made a quick trip down to the corner store to get some milk. I didn't take my phone with me. For 15 minutes I was offline. Such scandal, it was a little bit exciting.

T: I will shut down the government if I don't get a wall.
N: You can't get a wall.
T: You're stupid for not wanting border security.
N: We want border security but not with a wall
T: No Wall = No Border Security. I'll proudly shut down the government for the sake of border security.

It scares me:

1. that this level of reasoning is employed to make decisions on behalf of a nation.
2. that it has proven tactically effective at making things happen.

For all its creepiness, this is exactly what I was searching for, and big G came through for me.

Here’s the view from work today. It’s gloomy but still pretty rad 👌.

“Instead of looking upon discussion as a stumbling-block in the way of action, we think it as indispensable preliminary to any wise action at all.”

- Pericles, “Funeral Oration”, c. 431 BCE

These were being handed out at work today as part of the 🎄 festivities. Usually I’d sneer about it being a lie, but it pales in comparison to Santa 🎅.

At least this lie is tasty. ☺️

The Principle of Optimism states that All evils are caused by insufficient knowledge.

Optimism is a way of explaining failure, not prophesying success. When we try to improve and fail, it is always because we did not know enough, in time.

It is also a stance towards the future, because nearly all failures, and nearly all successes, are yet to come.

“Thus, systems of government are to be judged not for their prophetic ability to choose and install good leaders and policies, but for their ability to remove bad ones that are already there.”

Had a long but very fruitful day today. Good night world 🌙. See you bright and early tomorrow

@me it was either that or “crutchly substitute”. Which crutched it better?

Imagine every 10 minutes of your life had to be accounted for in some way. Just the mere perception of such an activity, however inconspicuous it may be, would place a non-negligible burden on the way you live.

We try to enact a similar thing in software engineering with our tasks, points, velocity charts. I wonder if there are hidden costs and unintended consequences to such an approach to creative work.

The fact that each toot is primarily destined for a page hosted on a domain bearing my namesake seems to have really shaped what I toot.

This, in contrast to the pressure of being noticed for a split-second amidst the current of my followers' streams, not that I would ever be trying to do that, would I?

I was just reminded about my time at Zendesk where we had very senior subject matter experts from beyond my team who would have an eye on the Pull Request queue and chime in with mostly valuable feedback.

Love that I have it again, and hope to be able to do the same for others in the near future.

I still envy people who are able to spin a yarn, make sh*t up on the spot in colourful, vibrant conversation. But lately it’s dawned upon me how much of a substitutionary crutch it can be from having to engage in deep thought, robust discourse and vulnerable connection.

Signal now has Typing Indicators. When I went looking for it, I was expecting it to be under “chat settings” or something similarly benign. “Privacy” made me realise “oh yeah, typing indicators are a matter of privacy”. 👏👏

Science is what we have learned about how to keep from fooling ourselves.

I'm having second thoughts about using "@me" as my mastodon handle. The default visual treatment makes it seem as though people are talking at themselves.

On the other hand, hilarity may occasionally ensue.

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