I wanted to remind them that they were on the cusp of something extraordinary and—like all the most worthwhile things in life—extraordinarily fragile.

I was happy to shoulder the blame for anything we got wrong—just as long as they were willing to give me at least some of the credit for what we got right.

I knew from previous experience that grief is a process that respects no schedule and no timetable.

"Beau lost his fight," one of the doctors had said, "but he was never defeated."

It is a blessing to be able to share the feeling of enveloping grief, to have people you love nearby to absorb some of the worst pain.

I occasionally heard one of the [Secret Service] agents say that they were here to protect more than our bodies; they were determined to protect our dignity.

Never tell a man what his interests are. Be straight and open with him about your own interests.

You have to speak out. You can’t remain silent. Silence is complicity.

I paused for a brief moment, and let the applause register on every policy maker in the room. I was hoping the applause would equal resolve.

I left the Merkel event and told my staff we had to revise my own remarks. My words needed to be as direct and declarative as possible.

I instructed my team to start un-lawyering the language of the speech. I wanted them to make absolutely sure that the plain meaning could not be missed, and told them I would be back to help with rewrites as soon as I could.

But she was not strong enough for my taste; the passive voice weakened her statement.

He said he understood how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. "Joe, have you focused on that? How do you want to spend the rest of your life?"

I offered what advice and wisdom I could, but I also tried to offer simple encouragement.

“Hey, Joe,” he would say, “you’ve got to take the good with the bad.”

The assassin’s bullet targeted not just two officers, not just a uniform. It targeted this city. A city where the son of Chinese immigrants shares the patrol with a Hispanic minister in training.

When you patrol the streets of New York you circle the earth.

The time will come, when [his] memory will bring a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. That’s when you know—it’s going to be okay.

The first duty of a public servant is to help bring people together, especially in crisis, especially across difficult divides, to show respect for everybody at the table, and to help find a safe way forward.

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Isaac Su

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