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The most sacred responsibilities of management are selecting your company’s role model, identifying who to promote, and deciding who needs to leave.

On cold-sourcing: "customization matters less than I assumed, because people mostly choose to respond based on their circumstances, not on the quality of your note."

Such a coincidence that both books I'm reading at the moment and invoke the concept of "stock and flow", albeit in slightly different domains.

The “work harder” mantra only breeds hero programmers whose heroic ways make it difficult for nonheroes to contribute meaningfully.

Maintaining a market position is fundamentally distinct from creating new markets.

The balancing of positive and negative freedoms is a fundamental task of managers and management

In this light, freedom is neither inherently good nor inherently just. Each positive freedom we enforce strips away a negative freedom, and each negative freedom we guarantee eliminates a positive freedom. This is the Paradox of Positive Liberty

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Distinction between positive and negative freedoms. Positive freedom: the freedom to do something. Negative freedom: The freedom from things.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

Having a wide cohort of coworkers who lead critical projects is a great signifier of good organisational health.

Get folks from different areas interacting while they don’t need something from each other

Membership is the precondition to belonging

An inclusive organisation is one in which individuals have access to opportunity and membership.

Opportunity: access to professional success and development.

Membership: participating as a version of themselves that that feel comfortable with.

Good process is as lightweight as possible, while being rigorous enough to consistently work.

The paradox of direction in functional leadership: when things are going poorly, you’ll be swamped with more direction than you can readily absorb, but when things are going well, you’ll be responsible for supplying your own direction.

I'm tooting highlights from "An Elegant Puzzle" by Will Larson using the hashtag

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