If the computer is a bicycle for the mind, this is a treadmill for the mind.

I wonder what sort of message I should be taking from this if I brute-forced it within 20 minutes. That even Auth0 can't protect my identity?

You wouldn't have to spend words saying it's easy if it really were so.

Looks like Flinders Station is all set up for the fireworks tonight. 🚧🎆🚧

Remember the next time you say “I’m going with my gut”, you’re literally going with the majority vote.

(1/2) Selectable timescales is most certainly an invitation to make the data fit whatever narrative you want. This is S&P500 ETF in progressively longer timescales.

Swp is memory too, right? Squeezing every last bit out of my severely under-resourced, super low-trafficked host.

Fixed! Thankfully macOS makes it super easy to swap out the icon.

So. Much. Better.

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Irritating: The icons for my password manager and my git GUI are so similar that I keep ⌘-tabbing to the wrong one.

One of them is going to have to go.

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Isaac Su

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