Fixed! Thankfully macOS makes it super easy to swap out the icon.

So. Much. Better.

Irritating: The icons for my password manager and my git GUI are so similar that I keep ⌘-tabbing to the wrong one.

One of them is going to have to go.

Clear quiet skies tonight. Moon came out to put on a brief show.

Some of the cool people I get to work with. I am easily the least cool of them all, by a very long shot.

My weather + hydration reminder Signal bot is exhibiting traces of sentience today.

World's most natively spoken languages.

Also of note: English has the greatest number of learners: 1.5bn, followed by a very distant French at 82mn.

For all its creepiness, this is exactly what I was searching for, and big G came through for me.

Here’s the view from work today. It’s gloomy but still pretty rad 👌.

These were being handed out at work today as part of the 🎄 festivities. Usually I’d sneer about it being a lie, but it pales in comparison to Santa 🎅.

At least this lie is tasty. ☺️

Signal now has Typing Indicators. When I went looking for it, I was expecting it to be under “chat settings” or something similarly benign. “Privacy” made me realise “oh yeah, typing indicators are a matter of privacy”. 👏👏

I'm having second thoughts about using "@me" as my mastodon handle. The default visual treatment makes it seem as though people are talking at themselves.

On the other hand, hilarity may occasionally ensue.

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