You wouldn't have to spend words saying it's easy if it really were so.

Looks like Flinders Station is all set up for the fireworks tonight. 🚧🎆🚧

Remember the next time you say “I’m going with my gut”, you’re literally going with the majority vote.

(1/2) Selectable timescales is most certainly an invitation to make the data fit whatever narrative you want. This is S&P500 ETF in progressively longer timescales.

Swp is memory too, right? Squeezing every last bit out of my severely under-resourced, super low-trafficked host.

Fixed! Thankfully macOS makes it super easy to swap out the icon.

So. Much. Better.

Irritating: The icons for my password manager and my git GUI are so similar that I keep ⌘-tabbing to the wrong one.

One of them is going to have to go.

Clear quiet skies tonight. Moon came out to put on a brief show.

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Isaac Su

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