I get so overwhelmed by choice on the Netflix home screen that I just give up and read a book.


I think it's because picking one thing to watch means foregoing all the other hundred possible choices. What if I get it wrong!?

@me define "wrong" in this context. What exactly can go wrong here?

@phoe that there is a show out there that I haven't picked that would have been a better choice than the one that I did picked.

@me "better"? How would it be better? What would you lose by not picking it?

Me when trying to choose something new to learn.

If you want to learn something then Netflix doesn't have that much to choose from
@phoe @me

Well I don't even have Netflix but with all the choices nowadays you can get pretty overwhelmed. Especially if you always make bad choices like me.
@me @phoe

It's quite different for me. Where I am, like much of the world, the only streaming choice is Netflix. Also, I personally can't stand watching TV series, and the movie selection from Netflix is terrible.
@phoe @me

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