Surface Go is a real computer right?

Tooting has gone quite well. I’m running my own instance, learning the ins and outs of mastodon administration. I’ve managed to stand up elasticsearch for it, and I’ve now reached semi-pro level live-tooting-while-reading. Check out my toots for An Elegant Puzzle #aep19 and Capitalism without Capital #cwoc19. Riveting stuff.

I must be on a roll.

To take advantage of this self-publishing momentum, I’ve spent the last two nights trying to revive this ol’blog.

Night one was spent trying to upgrade to the latest version 3.x, because new is supposedly good. Apparently not so good for me because a bunch of the APIs have changed, which caused my heavily customised theme to break. Oh well, worth the try. A simple git checkout <old branch> and we were back.

(I’d been doing all of this via ssh on the live server)

Night two, I figured I’d skip the upgrade and appease myself with a slight polish of the theme. The latency of emacs-ing live on the server was too painful, so I thought my Surface Go is a real computer right? Brought up Ubuntu in Windows 10, installed php7.2-cli and friends, then php -S Just like that, I was off tweaking markup/styles, alt-tab, ctrl-R, repeat.

It’s been so long since I’ve tweaked HTML and CSS, it brought back fond memories of recording vim macros to automate HTML tag transform operations. Ah my youth.

It worked. I’m most proud of the fact that all this was done on a supposedly underpowered Pentium 1.6GHz chip with a paltry 4GB of RAM, both of which get largely chewed up by some Antimalware Service Executable.

I’m going to write more. I’ll try. This was actually fun.