After putting out a big post that took an extended period of time to write, I’ve found myself in a bit of a writer’s bind.

I’d get on the train, hang the helmet on the bike, stow the bike in some immobilizing position, remove my gloves, keep them in the bag, pull out the laptop, and start hammering away on the keyboard.

I only get as far as 3 sentences before the critic in me kicks in – the subject matter is boring, no one’s going to like this, are you sure you know what you are writing about, and the clincher – it’s not as good as that last one.

Stopped short, never to go again.

So here is a scapegoat post to reset the bar, crucify the critic and afford a fighting chance for all the posts that have yet been conceived.

Boredom lays in the mind of the consumer. I’m never going to get it absolutely right, and I’ve yet to produce my best work.

So there. Let’s get on with writing.