Throwing one out

I’d been working on a post about finding a new home for the wifey’s blog and how it brought up questions on data ownership and entrustment in the light of Posterous being acquired by Twitter.

It got to long-winded, took 75% of the post to get to the point, and was just too boring.

So I threw it out, against the will of every fibre of my being; banished to my morgue of half-written posts*. There comes a point where one cannot be to precious about one’s work. This was one of them – and my preciousness was getting in the way of my writing.

Creativity is a flow, and one needs to be diligent about removing any obstructions to that flow. Two months ago, my obstruction was the absence of a writing habit. Today, it was being too precious about a particular post.

How’s your creativity flowing today? What’s the hold up? Maybe you need to consider “throwing one out” – whatever that means to you. Besides, your best work is still waiting to be done.

There’s a part 2 to this post.

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